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Whoa! Welcome back. I never took you off my favorites and clicked on by accident. Cool, very cool.


Ditto for Erin's comments, except I found the news on another blog. Your link was still there !


Halle-fuckin-lujah! Bring it on!!


Welcome back! I've been clicking a link to your blog for the last while, hoping that you would reappear. I'm so gald to see you posting again.



Hi, I'm glad you're back and I hope you're well. Ummm, yes, I'd very much like some cake, please. I'd be happy to bring the tea & coffee.


I was always hoping you would come back. I've never used my uterus myself, and I don't particularly care about uteri*. I read your blog because it was wickedly funny.

YAY for me, for keeping you in my favorites.

*OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: Well I do care when (insert Fundie Republican Du Jour) tries to tell any woman what she can do with hers, but you probably guessed that already.


What happened to the adoption info at :( I rather enjoyed following all of the details about the Great Wall adoption agency.


What happened to your adoption ethics blog at chew? It's got Elmo all over it now.

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